secrets of the millionairemindbook 

What are the secrets that rich people know? And poor people do not know friends, there will be such a thing, due to which the rich are becoming richer and richer. And the poor are also becoming poorer. Keeping this gap in mind, harv eker wrote a book called Secrets of the millionaire mind harv eker is a successful man who harv eker has told 17 things that are becoming rich people and rich is told in millionairemindbook How rich people think because of which they become so successful millionairemindbook is not about making someone rich overnight, this book changes our way of thinking just like those people who are very rich in their life Is happy and so let’s start friends

Wealth File 1

When you are always complaining, then you become a magnet to attract the waking pain while you are alive.

In harv eker millionairemindbook, it is said that 90 percent of middle-class people only focus on the problem and keep cursing themselves. In millionairemindbook, harv eker speaks when you focus on the problem instead of just solving the problem, then you know unknowingly I would become a magnet in the same way as an iron object near a magnet pulls it towards you, similarly, in case of any problem, you pull that problem towards you.

Wealth File 2

Rich people play to win the game of money, poor people play the game of money to avoid losing.

harv eke millionairemindbook says that when you play to avoid defeat, you do not focus completely on saving your money; you can never be as good as you are until you focus on

Wealth File 3

Rich people are devoted to becoming rich, poor people want to be rich

harv eker says that rich people like to do all the work so that they can become richer no matter what they do

Wealth File 4

Rich people think big. Poor people think small

Rich people always think big even if they do not give up on it, but poor people always think small and spend their lives in fear.

Wealth File 5

Rich people focus on opportunity. Poor people focus on obstacles

Rich people always focus on the opportunity so that they can earn money. Poor people always focus on obstacles. If I do work, I will fail. They do not think that I can be successful either.

Wealth File 6

Rich people always praise other successful people. Poor people are jealous of rich and successful people

harv eker millionairemindbook says that rich people always praise successful people than themselves. And try to learn from them while poor people are jealous of successful people. And when you are jealous of someone, you can never teach them how successful they are.

Wealth File 7

Rich people are always positive and successful people. While poor people live with negative and unsuccessful people

It will not be wrong to say that you become as you live with people. If you live with successful people then you become successful and even more successful. If you live with unsuccessful people, then you also become a failure. In the harv eker millionairemindbook, it says that your company determines to a large extent that How successful will you be

Wealth File 8

Rich people are willing to promote themselves and their value. Poor people have negative opinions about selling and promoting.

Most people in this world have money in anything, they are rich in selling, they know very well, so they do this work from the heart. Likes to tell about themselves which also promotes them but it is not right to tell or promote to the poor people how they can speak about themselves. “Harv eker says here If you are not the one who speaks about yourself, why would anyone speak

Wealth File 9

Rich people are much older than their problem while poor people are smaller than their problem.

No problem is too big for rich people, they always believe that no problem is bigger than my hard work. If you have a big problem in your life, then it is only because you are still small

Wealth File 10

Rich people are excellent recipients. Poor people are poor recipients

“harv eker millionairemindbook says that 90 percent of people are bad recipients. Because they understand that they are not capable of doing anything, it is a region of our condition. You hear that you are doing the wrong thing and just 1 time you hear that you are doing the right thing, “harv eker says you have faith in yourself, but do not pay attention to what everyone is thinking

Wealth File 11

Rich people choose to pay based on their results, poor people want payment based on their time.

Rich people make money based on their results, like whatever profit they have made, they take some percentage in it. But poor people take money for the time you have spent. What we call jobs are now 24 hours in a day, you can work for 8 hours or you can work for 12 hours if you work all your life too. So you can never be a rich

Wealth File 12

Rich people also think this and that poor people think this or that

“harv eker millionairemindbook says that rich people believe that you have a cake and you can eat it, middle-class people believe that cake increases obesity. So I will take only a small piece of it for poor people. They believe that they are not entitled to the cake, so they order double roti and wonder why they do not have anything.

Wealth File 13

Rich people focus on their network, poor people focus on their income

harv eker millionairemindbook says that the true measure of wealth is not income. network is

    • Income
    • Saving
    • Investment
    • Simplified

Wealth File 14

Rich people manage their money well, poor people manage their money poorly.

Until you show that you can handle your money, you cannot get any more money, your habit of managing money is more important than the amount of money.

Wealth File 15

Rich people make hard work for themselves with money, poor people work hard for their money

harv eker millionairemindbook says that rich people see every dollar as a seed, by sowing they can earn hundreds of dollars and by sowing it again they can earn thousands of dollars.

Wealth File 16

Rich people work despite fear. Poor people stop because of fear

    • harv eker says that work is the bridge between inside and outside the world
    • A true warrior can domesticate the Serpent of Fear

Wealth File 17

Rich people constantly learn and develop. poor people think that they already know everything.

You can be right or be rich. But the two of you can’t be together Harv eker millionairemindbook says take a pledge for your development. Read a good video every month, watch a good video, attend a seminar on business or personal development every month, and see your knowledge. Confidence and self-respect will start touching the sky. Friends, this is a life-changing book. Once you must read this book, do not forget to give your comments in the comments.

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